The Dreams of Megalomaniacs

Being a human is a very tricky business. There are the pressures enforced upon you by the society into which you are born, without any consent or input on your part. There are the police, for example, who’s job it is to ‘serve and protect’, but what are they protecting you from exactly?

They are protecting you from yourself. And they, it can be said, are representative of the entirety of the society into which you are born; they are the enforces of that society and its norms.

You cannot drink and drive, for example; it is against the law. But why? Is it because innocent people are killed by drunk drivers? Perhaps. But, at the same time, with the same taxes that are paying the police’s wages, we bomb and kill thousands upon thousands of innocent people all over the world. An interesting contradiction.

So, it is okay for us to kill innocent people in other countries but not in our own countries? Some may say yes. But, then ask yourself, if someone killed your friend or family member, do you think that anyone would care but you, even in your own country? They would say, ‘Oh, how horrible!’ when they saw it on the news, but then they would forget about it before the day is done. Does this count as care?

So what is the real issue then? Why can’t we drink and drive if we don’t really care about one another as much as we like to pretend we do?

Because it is about enforcing something upon you. That’s all. The point is not what is enforced; the point is simply that something, anything, is enforced. Because your job as a citizen is to listen. Your job is to accept what is given to you and pay your taxes without questioning why. This enforcement isĀ built on fear of the repercussions of asking why or going against what is enforced, not on morality. Morality is just the story we tell ourselves to feel okay with the injustice that we have to put up with every day.

Where is our precious democracy in all of this exactly, I wonder? Just another nice story…

It is not about morality or what is better for society, or any of these nice things we like to think we are moving towards; it is simple about control. Someone wants to control you because you are a very valuable asset. The human being, and the labour that it is capable of producing, is the very thing that all societies are built upon. Just look around you right now; all of this was built and thought of by a human being. If you control the human being, down to his or her core, you control the labour, and therefore, you control society.

This is the dream of every megalomaniac…

Do you want to be part of such a dream?