Our Software is Out of Date

A human’s brain – the most complex object in the known universe, and it sits right in between your ears! This fancy piece of hardware runs an equally fancy operating system – the human mind. The human mind OS has served our species well but it appears to be a tad out of date in the modern world…

Human knowledge, much of which is taken for granted, has progressed far beyond the capacity of our ancestors to have even imagined. We use knowledge to choose ‘this’ over ‘that’ action, and so it can be compared to the applications that the human OS has installed. These applications are indeed always being updated; old ideas are constantly being thrown away and replaced by new ones. However, the capabilities of an application are limited to what the OS is capable of, and the human mind OS has never changed. It has remained the same for thousands of years. Despite this, I believe that we are on the brink of an update…A long-awaited and overdue update.

It’s time for a reboot.


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